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Sale Poser


I’m the ace of curves, 
with the length and the body, 
lets play for keeps, 
make your move with ‘Poser’

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POSER - Our statement lash has so much flair and incredible volume with a wispy finish. A must in your vanity. The length in the middle will really make your eye pop!

• These lashes are 100% Mink
• Re-useable to 20 to 25 with with proper care (see application and care)
• Cruelty free

Please note that these lashes do not come with glue.

Mink Lashes are extremely durable. With proper care, re-useable up to 20-25 times. Here are some tips in how to care for them:

• Always handle with care, do not pull on the lashes
• To ensure durability of the lashes and preserve their quality, apply a thin layer of lash glue to the lash band for application.
• Do not apply mascara to the mink lashes, instead apply mascara to your own lashes before mink lash application
• Gently remove lash glue from the lash band after each use
•Store in the casing provided to keep your mink lashes free from dust and bacteria.

Farhana Rahat ® Mink lashes can be trimmed to fit any eye shape. Please trim the outer edge as required to fit your eye shape.

Disclaimer: Please note you are purchasing and wearing Farhana Rahat ® Mink lashes at your own discretion.

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